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Several weeks back, I posted an entry talking about email posting and how I was surprised that so many people didn’t choose email posting as an option for them. Pretty much everyone who commented said that they would be interested in some decent instructions for getting this set up. I’ve been wanting to do this, but finding the time to sit down and do a post like this even a little bit of justice has proven to be hard. Right now though, I’ve got nothing to do here at work, so I figured I’d see what I could do about this entry.

What's the Point?

So, why post to LJ via email? For me, it comes down to convenience. I can set up a couple of email addresses on the LiveJournal web site, and post from anywhere that gives me access to my email. Yes, I could simply post from the web site, but I prefer to have the convenience of a regular good old email message.

When I first brought up this topic, someone commented that he wanted to have the ability to include tags, privacy options, and other things in his entries. Well, you can, even with email posting. There are ways of including everything that you’d include in an entry posted via some kind of client or from the web.

Setting it Up:

The first thing you’re going to need to do before you can start posting via email is to make sure that you’ve got an LJ account level that offers this as a feature. LiveJournal has five different account levels, basic, Early Adopter, Plus, Paid, and permanent. If you’ve got a Plus account or higher, you can take advantage of the email posting option. If you haven’t paid for your LiveJournal, you’re account type is most likely either Basic or Plus. If you want to check exactly which type of account you have, go to your profile page, which you can reach by going to "". Just substitute "username" for your LiveJournal username.

Now that you know which type of account you have, you can start the process of setting up email posting. You’ll want to go to your Mobile Post Settings page. There’s a form on this page that you’re going to need to fill out. One restriction, (if you could call it that), is that you’re not allowed to post to your LJ from just any email address. So, if you’re trying to post from a friend’s email address, it’s not going to work by default.

The first thing this form is asking you for are the email addresses that you will use to post from. You can include up to three different addresses. I’ve included two personal addresses and my work address.

The next step is to create a PIN. This will become part of your email address that you’ll eventually use to send your entries to LJ. The pin can also be put into the subject of the message, but I personally prefer to include it in the email address and then it’s out of the way. Don’t use your regular password as your PIN. The form gives instructions on how many characters, types of characters, so on and so forth that you can use for this PIN.

The next section may seem fairly familiar to anyone who has gone through and really configured their profile page. Privacy settings can be set here by default, or you can choose to use your journal defaults. Whatever you decide here, you can always override these settings on a post-by-post basis as well. You can choose to have all email entries posted as public, private, friends-only, or even to a specific friends group if you’ve set those up. Additionally, you can decide which picture you’d like to post with your entry if you’ve got one, and decide if you want to allow people to comment on your entry or not. Settings that you make here will only apply to your email posts, not to posts made via a client or through the web page.

The next section deals with posting photos as part of your entry. I’m not going to go into that at this point because that could be an entire entry in itself; talking about uploading and saving images. Once you’ve entered all the information into this form, click Save to save your settings.

Posting Your First Entry:

One really important thing to note here is that in order for your entry to post correctly, you need to be sure that you’re sending your message in plain text. How you set this up will depend on your email client. I post through Outlook 2010at home, and through Outlook 2007 here at work. Both these versions use Word as their email editor. So, if I don’t change to plain text before creating a link for example, the quotation marks that are entered as part of the HTML text show up incorrectly in my final post, and that breaks the link.

At this point, you’re ready to send a post. The email address that you’ll use for posting is "". Here’s where your PIN is going to be important though. If you send a message to that email address, even from an authorized email account, without your PIN, that entry will NOT post. For me, the easiest way around this was to create an entry in my address book called LJ. For the email address, I entered in the address above along with my PIN. So, that would look like "". You can also post by using the first address that I gave and include your PIN in the subject or body of the post by writing "+PIN", but I’ve found that including the PIN in the email address is the best way to insure that it’s correctly entered, and that you don’t forget to enter anything. If you do choose to put your PIN in the subject or body of the message, LiveJournal will remove it before posting your entry. Just keep in mind that if you write your PIN without including the plus (+) symbol before it, LJ won’t know that it’s your PIN and won’t remove it from your entry. Finally, if you’re a member of a community and would like to post via email to that community, just use the community name in the email address. "".

Adding Tags:

So now that you can post a basic entry, you’re going to want to be able to make it a bit more functional by including tags, security levels, and whatever else you normally include in your entries. It works like this.

Above the entry itself, you’re going to need to include a few lines of information. Separate this text from the body of your post with a blank line. The options that you have available to you are:

  • Userpic
  • Tags
  • Mood
  • Music
  • Comments
  • Security
    • Public
    • Private
    • Friends
    • Friendgroup

The order of these tags doesn’t matter, as long as they all appear before your entry, and as long as they’re written using the proper syntax. This will be "lj-keyword" written without the quotes, Colon (:), space, followed by the tag you want to use. So, for example, if you wanted to add mood text to your entry, you’d write "lj-mood: excited". Again, no quotes.

All the tags work the same way, including security. So, the idea is that you’d write your tag, and then write your information for the tag. ("lj-security: friends"). The friendgroup is literally a specific group of people that you’ve set up. For example, I’ve got a large number of people in a group called online friends. This is a subgroup of my friends group as a whole. So, if I wanted to post an entry only to those people, I’d write the tag ("lj-security: online friends").

Additional tips:

If you have an email signature that is appended to all your email messages, chances are that you don’t want that to appear at the bottom of all your posts. If you include on a blank line, two dashes or underscores, ("--" or "__"), any text that appears under that line won’t be included as part of your entry.

If you are posting via email from your cell phone and you’re posting to a user or community that uses the underscore ("_") in the name, you can substitute the hyphen ("-") and LJ will automatically convert it to an underscore.


So, you can see that posting via email, while it might take a little bit of time at first, is a very nice option with a lot of flexibility. All this information is located in the LiveJournal FAQ sections, although that can sometimes be a bit daunting and/or time-consuming to go through. So, hopefully this will help, and that some of you will find email posting to be a useful option.

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Well, I've been using LJ exclusively now for about two and a half weeks. Man, it seems like a lot longer than that! So, I decided to take a little time this morning to kind of discuss my thoughts so far. I am happy to report that my only regret is that I didn't switch sooner. It is quite obvious that I've been posting more than I did with my other two locations, (is this a good thing or a bad thing), and I'm able to reply to comments without having to actually go to the web site to comment. I think the neatest part of LJ though is the way people are so linked. I mean, looking at the user info for people you can get a list of the friends they've got, and then get the friends of those people, so on and so forth. I just find it interesting to see the overlap between the different lists. It's just a really cool thing for me.

Then, there's the client thing. On blogger I used Blogger for Word, which was nice because I could write my entries in Word and then post them directly. This was great, and I could use Word to create my links and things, but I didn't get a lot of formatting options. The formatting that I did was often lost after posting. I tried the email post option once and didn't like that at all. My post had pretty much no formatting which was even worse. On Word Press, I really did like the web interface. They created several hotkeys that would insert HTML tags for me so that I could fill in the information. I know HTML and used it for several years to manually code my web site; (which no longer exists since I switched to Roadrunner and started blogging). But, I'm all about quick and easy, so if there's a way to speed up the code, and reduce the chances of human error, then it was all good and I wanted to take advantage of it. So, after trying one program for Word press which really wasn't all that accessible, I just used the web interface. I had lots of coding options, and it really did meet my needs, accept that I couldn't really post from mobile locations. From the PAC Mate I could get to the page, and I could see every field and button except for the body of the post. Then, just before switching I started using remote desktop so that I could connect to my computer through my PM, and it allowed me to post from other places in this apartment without being chained to my computer. But I still wasn't satisfied. (Yes, you guessed it, I want it all! SMILE!) This is when I started looking at Live Journal. I figured that I all ready had a username, and many of the people that I read were on LJ, so to me it made logical sense. I read about the differences in the three different account types, free, sponsored, and paid, and decided that $19.95 per year was more than reasonable considering that if I were ever to get my own domain I'd probably have to pay a heck of a lot more than that per year to maintain it. So, I did it. and, the more I work with it, the more I'm glad I made the switch. I was talking about clients though. (Man, I sure do know how to ramble!) Several months ago I downloaded a client that is apparently just called Live Journal. I wanted to play with it and get familiar with it so that I could make it easier for [ profile] voyagerjc to post to his journal. Well, that sort of hooked me on the whole posting thing, so I used that until now. I've been reading in a lot of different locations about the Semagic client, so decided to get it and see what it was like. And, I gotta tell you, it blows the Live Journal program out of the water! My only problem, (and it seems that everyone is having this problem at first), is trying to figure out how to get at the post options. There's a hotkey, and it changes something on the screen, but tabbing doesn't seem to work. So, I'm going to work on that. Otherwise, I really like this client. Oh, and I can get a count of my words, so I can kind of keep track of how long my posts are. That, to me, is really a nice option! Also, the fact that I can use Microsoft Word's spell checker doesn't hurt my feelings any either. SMILE!

As I've mentioned before, I've used the email option several times to post entries. This lets me send email from anywhere and doesn't mess up my formatting. This means that I can post even if I'm on the road, or just don't feel like sitting in front of my computer.

Finally, there's the phone post option. I did this with Blogger, but there are really a lot more options with the phone feature in LJ. This lets me be even more lazy! SMILE! I hate the way I sound in recordings though, so this isn't something I'll probably do very often, but it's definitely nice to know the feature is there if I want it.

Well, I haven't covered all the features I like about LJ, but you're probably getting really bored with this entry so I'll stop here. Anyway, I'm nearing 1000 words, and I figure that's a good place to stop. So, I'm going to go for now and see how this works to post an entry.


Jun. 10th, 2006 07:57 pm
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Well, here's the first of many entries that I'm going to post here. Yes, I decided to switch to LJ permanently. I'm sorry for those of you who have my Word Press address memorized, but I promise this will be the last move for a long time. I decided to make this a paid account, so I plan to have some fun with this! So here goes nothing! SMILE!


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