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Yesterday I was listening to an episode from the MaLyn's Slice of Life Podcast. This was an older episode, okay, so not really old, but from a couple of weeks ago. They were talking about American Idol, and it got me thinking. Before you non-Idol fans skip this, hang on a second. SMILE! They were talking about why they enjoyed the show, and what kept them coming back. I thought it was interesting, and their reasons are very much like mine so I thought I'd explain myself. [ profile] kl1964 has explained why he doesn't like Idol, and I totally understand. When I see the judges take apart someone who I thought did a good job, I feel bad for them, and when comments are made that are hurtful, I can understand how humiliating it must be for them. I think though, what I really do like about the show is hearing those that really do have talent competing. I wrote before that they've got their top 24 now. This, to me, is where it really starts to get good because it's a more serious competition and the people truly are trying their best. So, my reason for watching is not to get enjoyment out of other's humiliation, (as KL said previously, I've had enough of that myself to know how bad it feels), but to root for those that are doing well. I'm not trying to defend myself or anything, I just wanted to explain my reasons for watching. I don't want people thinking that I'm coldhearted or cruel or anything like that. SMILE! I don't condemn anyone who doesn't watch. It's kind of like the CBS reality show Survivor. I've never gotten into it and never plan to. I can't see how anyone would want to put themselves into a situation where they might be risking their lives just to win whatever it is they win. I don't get it.

On a slightly different note, there's a new game show that's going to be shown after Idol starting on February 28th. It's called "Are You Smarter Than a 5th-Grader?". The idea is that adults are going to be paired up with kids and will have to try to answer questions out of text books. I think this is going to be interesting. It's hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, so that gives it a little interest factor for me too. I can't wait for that to start.

Finally, tonight I'm going to be going to the Cheese Cake Factory. I've only been there once before, and it was great, so I'm looking forward to another good meal. Later.
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Wow! What a week! It actually seems to have gone really fast though, and tomorrow's Friday all ready! Things are really picking up for me, and next week is going to be nuts. I spent most of Monday morning creating a form that's going to be going on our web site. Microsoft Word forms DO NOT convert to HTML, just in case anyone wondered. So, I coded pretty much everything manually, with a little bit of help from Arachnophilia, which inserts a lot of the tags for me so all I have to do is fill in the information. Unfortunately, I can't use the latest version because it's inaccessible, so I'm using an older version that seems to be a bit on the out-dated side, so not all the form tags are set quite right, and I've still had to do a lot of stuff manually. The sad thing is, I kind of like this work. It sort of helps to make the time go by fast. The biggest problem this week though has been that they're starting some construction really close to my window, and the debris is being dumped even closer to the window. So, it gets so noisy that I can't hear my computer or talk on my phone, which sort of makes me a little less productive.

Monday afternoon I was out reinstalling software and configuring a computer after a virus got through and caused this person to have to do a reformat. Good job, AVG nice to know you aren't catching all viruses. SMILE!

Tuesday I was supposed to go on a road trip. Snow, slippery roads, and just plain nastiness stopped that from happening so I stayed around here doing stuff, oh yeah, it was an evaluation intake form and some other stuff. That night I went to Crawdaddy's which is a place where they have really super good Cajun-type food. I'm not into seafood in the least though, so I avoided that like the plague, but I ended up getting some really great stuffed mushrooms that were stuffed with spicy sausage, (I can't remember what it was called), and those were absolutely fantabulous. My main course was pepper bacon-wrapped Pork Tenderloin. It was thick, juicy, and extremely flavorful. It came with garlic mashed potatoes, and carrots. I normally don't like carrots, but as carrots go, these were actually kind of good. I didn't eat most of them, but I did have a couple. I also got to have several of their fried potatoes, which were basically thick slices of potatoes very well seasoned. It was all great. I've had a taste for spice lately, and whenever I have the opportunity to get something that claims to be Cajun 99 percent of the time I'll try it to see if it truly is spicy enough. And, most of the time there's absolutely no kick to it at all. I like spice, but it has to still have flavor, or else it's just not worth my time.

Yesterday I was preparing for a couple of presentations. Things got so noisy though that I ended up saving everything to a thumb drive, grabbing my laptop, and heading into another part of the building to work. I let people who needed to know that I wouldn't be able to answer my phone, and told them they could get me on my cell. Then I was out of here.

Today I worked with a high school student on using JAWS on the Internet. I got to spend three hours working with him, and I'd like to think that it went well. They want me to come back for one more half day, so I think that's a good sign, huh? Tomorrow I'm on the road again doing a K-NFB Reader demo, and then most likely when I get back from that I'll be finishing up the web form.

Monday and Tuesday of next week are going to be long, and it'll be interesting to see how things go. I might be extremely bored too, but who knows. A couple of weeks ago I did an on-site evaluation for a guy who's been trying to find a job for a long time. He got the job, and starts Monday. I'll be going there for two days, both to install software and to be around when he starts training on the software since I had to do some work to get it to be useable. It should be interesting. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I've got appointments that will take me all over the place. Friday I'm going out of town for a retreat as part of the Wisconsin Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired. So things are going to be crazy!

Anyway, I'm sitting here now eating a pizza pretzel, and thinking that it'd be really nice to go curl up in bed where it's warm. So, I'm out of here for now! Later gators!
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I said I was going to be gone all day, so why am I writing? Maybe it's because I have this overwhelming urge to write today and decided to stay home. No? Not a good reason? I didn't think so. So, how about the real reason I'm writing an entry at 1:00 in the afternoon on a day when I'm not even supposed to be home.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning because of our nice, kind upstairs neighbor who feels that she needs to run everywhere she goes in her apartment and slam doors. So picture this. I'm on my back. Cally is between my feet, and as soon as I woke up Taz comes up and starts walking around on my stomach purring. Okay, 8 pounds is 8 pounds, and he's got boney feet. So that's my morning wake-up call. I figured that by 10 minutes to 7 it was time to get up.

I went through my normal morning routine, and actually even ate breakfast for a change, figuring that I'd be gone for most of the day and wouldn't get lunch until after I was done working with this guy. At about 8:15 my cell phone rang and it was my driver telling me that he was going to be a little late. No problem, I knew we'd still make it on time. My driver is a retired truck driver, so he's really familiar with timelines and things.

So, he came, and we took off. We ended up arriving at exactly 10:00, so we were right on schedule. Last week when I set up this appointment with this person he mentioned to me that he was having a problem with his computer. I figured it was no big deal and really didn't give it another thought. So, I got there, and went to start working with him. My driver was still there because he wanted to make sure I was set before he took off, and it's a really good thing he stuck around. As it turned out, there was a problem with one of the three (yes, three), hard drives that this guy had. I was able to get past the problem and get the computer to work, but it was determined that it was going to have to go in for repair. So, he didn't want to go through the training until the computer had been fixed. So, I went down there for about an hour only to turn around and come home. Oh well, tomorrow won't be this way, and Thursday definitely won't be a bad day. SMILE!

Anyway, I decided that I needed to treat myself after all this. On the way home we went through McDonalds and I bought food for Jim and myself. In addition to all the traditional stuff, burgers and fries, I decided to treat us to a little something more. Jim got a chocolate shake, and I, being a bit wacky and eccentric, got a strawberry banana shake. So, that was our lunch, and I've been sitting here at my desk ever since.

I was just emailed some documents for Thursday's Pac Mate Day that I need to format and emboss. I've kind of become a perfectionist when it comes to braille documents, and have done some major customization of Duxbury styles. So now it's just a matter of importing the documents and working on them. I think I really should start that now because when 5:00 comes around I'm going to go do something completely and totally irresponsible. What's that you're probably asking? Well, I can't tell you because I really don't have the faintest idea. SMILE! Later!


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