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I don't think I've written about this here yet, so I figured I'd take a bit of time to talk about this.

Tomorrow evening, Tom Sullivan will be performing here in Fargo. (Note that the web site is full of flash content and is really annoying. I really like the song that plays though once the page comes up.)

Ever since I was about eight years old and my teacher played the book "Tom Sullivan's Adventures in Darkness" for my class, I've been absolutely fascinated by Tom. This particular book was written for kids, and focused a lot on his time in a residential school for the blind, and other parts of his life. I think I was drawn to him because, at that age, I could really relate to the residential school stories, and he just seemed like such a cool guy to me.

Later on, I read the adult version of his autobiography, "If You Could See What I Hear". It's the same story, but, I think, with much more detail, and written for adults.

Even though I'm not really much of a dog person, I also read The Leading Lady, where he talks about the incredible bond that he had with one of his dog guides, and the very difficult decision to retire her when she started losing her vision. I think part of the attraction of this book for me was that it was co-written with Betty White who I knew best from her time on The Golden Girls. I thought it'd be neat to read something that she'd written as well, and I really thought the book was great, (although I scanned the hard-cover edition with some incredibly old technology back in 1995, and I'm sure I missed a lot).

Just recently, I read another book that Tom wrote with Betty, Together, which is apparently his first attempt in the fiction area. Although some parts of the book are based on truth, (like the dog that the main character gets), much of the story is still fictional. This was one more book that I really enjoyed.

In addition to the books, Tom appeared on several episodes of Highway to Heaven, and an episode of M*A*S*H where he played a newly blinded soldier. A movie, If You Could See What I Hear, is based on his college years.

But, back to the present. Tom will be here in Fargo tomorrow night giving a free benefit concert, and I have the opportunity of being able to attend. From what I understand, he'll be performing for a while, and then interacting with the audience. I can't imagine actually having the chance to meet him personally, but I won't deny that it'd be really cool if it happened. But, this is something that I'm really looking forward to. Although Tom's activities and things that he's done have caused some interesting discussions in the blindness community, and many feel that he sensationalizes much of his life, I still really think that tomorrow night is going to be an incredible experience.
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Here it is, 10:50 PM, and I'm hungry. I ate earlier, so there's no reason for it. And, if I eat anything this late I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night with heartburn so I don't even know what to do about it. I suppose it's partly due to the fact that I'm not normally up this late, but tonight is an exception. [ profile] masterofmusings is having a guy night and he's been looking forward to it all week. I've given him specific instructions that he is to win his Blackjack tournament tonight because the next one, which will be taking place on January second, is going to be my win so he needs to get his winning out of the way now. They play for soda, chips, and chocolate bars; all such wonderfully healthy foods. I came so close to winning in October, (okay so it wasn't all that close because Bruce absolutely stomped all over us that night), but I went from dead last into second place. (Never mind the fact that there were only three of us that night so it wasn't that much of a leap. We just won't tell my fragile ego that fact, okay?)

So anyway, he's playing cards, and I'm just kind of doing whatever. The other day I received a gift certificate from Amazon, and I literally spent almost the entire day trying to decide how to spend it. (Yes, I really really need to find a job!!!) I finally decided that since I couldn't find any decent shelves that I wanted, and everything else that I'd really like to get for this place was too expensive, I'd just get something completely unnecessary. I decided on a set of fleece sheets, a fleece blanket, and, since I still had some money left, a fleece travel blanket for my bus trips. The sheets came yesterday, along with my travel blanket, and the regular blanket arrived this evening. So, I made up the bed for the first time since moving into this apartment two weeks ago, and I absolutely love the feel of these sheets. If you're a flannel sheet person, you should really consider these fleece sheets. They're extremely soft, although there is most definitely a front and a back to them, and I am really happy with how they fit my bed. I've got an air bed, and on top of that I also have a four-inch memory foam mattress topper. Some of you may remember me writing about buying that last year. Regular sheets fit, but over time, because the two together are fairly thick, the corners of the bottom sheet come untucked. These new sheets are designed to work with up to a 16-inch mattress, so it fits really well. I can't wait to sleep on them tonight!!!!

Other than that, I've had a very uneventful evening. Taz is being a spoiled kitty, and all day he's been cuddling with me whenever I sit down, and begging for attention when I'm at my desk. He hasn't gone near my apartment door since the day my dad and I were bringing in my desk and he tried to sneak out. He wasn't counting on the door shutting by itself and the poor little guy got his tail caught. It's doing a lot better now, and he's been his regular active self, but I felt so bad when it happened, and his tail was so swollen in one area. Cally has become more skittish since my move from Milwaukee. Whenever someone comes, she goes and hides. While my dad was here she spent her days sleeping in the bathtub, but when it's just me she's out acting like her normal self. I suppose though that if I were a cat, being taken from a place that was familiar and then being somewhere else would be hard enough, but then to suddenly be moved again; at least I have the ability to understand it.

I'm settling in here although I still know nothing about my neighborhood or anything, and it could be as long as two months before I can get any sort of orientation. Right now, my only options are the local Para-Transit system or cabs. Even getting over to my friend's house is now pretty much out until I learn the route again, so things have kind of been a bit on the lonely side. In just under two weeks though I'll be heading back for a very brief trip to Wisconsin, (nowhere near Milwaukee though), and then I'll be heading up to spend New Year's with Bruce, and I'm really looking forward to both trips.

The job search is continuing, and I'm working on getting established with the local Voc. Rehab agency, (hence the potential two-month waiting period.) I had one potential opportunity, but unfortunately I wasn't selected so I'm still looking. It'd be an incredible Christmas present though if I were able to find something!!!!

Well, I don't really know what else to write about at this point, so I think I'll just sort of end this for now. Bye for now.
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Hey everyone. Well, this week's LJ Idol topic is about what I'm afraid of. For whatever reason, this is a really difficult topic for me, and I can't seem to come up with anything. It's not that I'm not afraid of anything, I just can't come up with that one thing. I'm running out of time though, and really need to think of something. Sometimes though, I wish these entries didn't have to be public. No offense to my readers who aren't members of LJ, it's just that there are things I'd rather not make public. SMILE! Anyway though, wish me luck coming up with something.


Mar. 22nd, 2007 08:31 am
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Hey everyone. Well, last night wasn't too bad. I got to sleep right away even without a book, and actually slept pretty good considering it was an unfamiliar bed. I woke up around 4:30 because of a thunderstorm, and then again at about 6:40. I decided to get up at that point since the alarm clock was due to go off at 7:00 anyway. Then I found out that I wouldn't be leaving as early as I thought, so I probably could have stayed in bed for a little bit longer. Oh well, it gave me some online time which is good. Unfortunately though, there are no available outlets by the desk. You know how normally hotels will put outlets right into the base of lamps so that people can plug things in? Well, they don't have that here, and the outlet is full with other stuff. So I'm running completely on battery. I'm at 69 percent since last night, and this battery usually lasts about 6 hours or so but still. I might need to use it later on battery and it would have been nice to give it some juice. Oh well, I'll survive. SMILE!

Well, I just thought I'd post since I had time. I've got to get down to the continental breakfast in a couple of minutes so that I get some food before leaving, so I think I'm going to post this and put the laptop away. Have a good day everyone!
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Well, I'm here in the hotel after my first day. I'm tired, but there are a couple of reasons why I'm not actually sleeping yet.

Reason number 1. I brought my own pillow. My pillow is made out of memory foam. This memory foam, when left outside in cold weather, tends to harden up. Therefore, my pillow is currently rather rock-like and I need to wait for it to thaw out a little before I use it. You'd think I would have learned after the first time this happened.

Reason number 2. Yours truly forgot a couple of things. First and foremost, I left my Book Port at home on my bed. My nightly fall-asleep entertainment doesn't exist. This will be the first time in almost a year that I haven't had it to use. I brought batteries and my pillow speaker, but no Book Port.

Unfortunately, that's not the only thing I forgot on this here trip. I left without my cell phone charger. Normally, my phone is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unfortunately, for the duration of the trip, it will remain off unless I need to make a call. Since it's a new phone, I really don't know the life of the battery, and I need to be able to use it to check my voicemail at work and things. And, I may need it for Friday morning as an alarm clock. I got my clock set in here for tomorrow morning, but I don't know how things will work for tomorrow night yet. So, it may have to be my alarm, which means leaving it on all night Thursday. So, needless to say, I feel like an idiot at the moment.

Oh yes, and let's not forget to mention the fact that this was supposed to be a voice post, but that's not happening either. The number I've been using for voice posting apparently doesn't work anymore, and I need to find a new number, which I didn't exactly feel like doing tonight. So, you got me direct. SMILE!

Other than all this stuff, today was pretty good. I'm extremely tired, and really want to go to bed soon, but I need to wait for my pillow. We made some good contacts today I think, so that was good, and we went to a really great Italian restaurant tonight. They do this really interesting thing there. They serve the traditional Italian bread, but they actually bake garlic. It makes it really soft, and then you spread the clove wedge thing like you would butter. It's amazing, and it's nothing like eating garlic raw. I had a little bit of olive oil and freshly grated cheese. My room isn't much tonight, but there's free wireless, so it'll do. There's a bed, where I am sitting now actually, and that's about it.

Well, my pillow still isn't really all that thawed out, but I'm just extremely tired, and I'm having trouble typing so I think that's about it. If you have my cell number and want to hear my, um, greeting, go ahead and call and leave me a message. If you don't have my cell number and want it, send me an email since I'll most likely be able to check messages over the next couple of days. You know where, and if you don't, look on my profile page. Later peoples!

My Day

Mar. 15th, 2007 05:51 pm
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Well, today was definitely better than yesterday. I'm feeling better for the most part, and tomorrow's Friday. My memory came this morning and I put it in. I discovered why they require pairs of sticks though, and after looking at the configuration of the system it makes more sense. I was still having some major problems, but I think many of them have been resolved. Without going into anything that would get me in trouble, I installed a private beta version of JAWS over the top of an existing version and discovered that it was just easier to uninstall and start from scratch. So, we'll leave it at that. SMILE!

I recently discovered yet another rather interesting food product that I thought I'd share with you guys. I love potatoes, pretty much any way. Some company, (I don't have a clue which one though), developed French fries for the microwave. I was admittedly rather skeptical of these since the microwave tends to make things get really soggy, but I figured it wouldn't kill me to try it once. The box says to put them on a plate and nuke them for 4 minutes. Well, I don't know what power they're using for their tests, but in our 1250 Watt microwave 4 minutes really toasted them. Jim likes them that way though so he ate those. I chose to put mine in for only 2 minutes and they came out much better. They actually tasted great, and were definitely not soggy. I suppose with everyone working so much now the convenience foods are getting more popular so they're really trying to improve them. I want my next big kitchen purchase to be a deep fryer, but at this point I really don't have anywhere to put it so I think that's going to have to wait until I earn my first million and move into a mansion. Yes, I'll share with all of you! SMILE!

I was surprised to see that [ profile] brucetola decided to step down as the moderator of the Blind Tech email list, but I'm honestly not surprised given the way things have been going lately. It all goes back to what I was saying about lists last night, and being a moderator is never an easy job. Since I created the Wisconsin ACB list three years ago I've been moderating that, and there are times when people have argued with my decisions, both on and off list. What makes it even harder for me is that many of these people are my friends, and I hate to have to tell them to stop something or whatever, but it's got to be done. It's just too bad that we lost a moderator who wasn't afraid to tell people to follow the rules, and take action against those who wouldn't. I for one am sorry to see him go.

I ran Ad-Aware this afternoon and it found 49 items. It amazes me how fast that stuff gets onto the system, especially since I stick to the same sites most of the time. Oh, and I was excited to see the post in the LJ News community about the fact that they're thinking about opening up permanent accounts again in a couple of months. I'm really hoping to be able to get one of those limited accounts when they become available. It'd be nice not to have to pay yearly.

Well, I'm hungry, and I think I've rambled on long enough here so I think I'm going to go find some food. I'm participating in a survey tonight regarding blindness and race. For some reason, there's a misconception that blind people aren't prejudice just because they can't see. In fact, I remember back in Las Vegas at the 2005 ACB Convention when one of the people they got to pray at one of the daily sessions actually said something about how our entire group was nonjudgmental because we were blind. That really stuck with me because it's just not true, as much as we'd probably like it to be. Our opinions are based on pretty much the same criteria as anyone else, accept that we can't see them. I like to think that I have an open mind about most people, but I will never claim to be perfect, (at least not in public SMILE), and I've been known to say things that some might consider to be uncool. So, I think this could be interesting tonight. If anyone's interested in doing this as well, please send me an email at tazcat at with your email address and I'll have this guy contact you. I think he's looking at people who have been blind since birth, but I would imagine that's not all he's looking for.

As I was proofreading this entry, I got an email. I'm starting to get spammed from my email link on my page, so it's going to be removed PDQ. I HATE SPAM!!!!!!!! And yes, I'll admit that publicly if asked. SMILE!

Okay, I said I was going away, and this time I am. Later; maybe after the survey to tell you all how it was.
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This is obviously not my day for good luck. And, I swear my computer has ears and hears absolutely everything I say. I decided this morning that it was time to add more memory to my three-year-old Dell Dimension 4600. It's been performing well for the last few years, but the way I use the machine has changed drastically, and programs are getting bigger, so on and so forth. So anyway, I broke one of my cardinal rules and placed a call to Dell, twice. The first time I called was because I couldn't find memory on their web site because that site is sort of interesting. I wanted to know what it would cost. I got my price quote and said that I'd call back if I decided to make the purchase. The guy kept asking me what time I'd be calling. I had absolutely no clue. I mean, if I decide to buy I'll call back. If I decide not to buy, I'm not going to call back. Plain and simple. Well, I decided I was going to buy a 1 Gig memory stick. I've got 4 slots total, two of which are taken up. I figured I'd get one stick since it was cheaper and be done with it. When I called back to order the memory, the guy at Dell told me that I had to buy memory in pairs. Okay, I've never done it that way before, but whatever. I'll do things his way. So instead of one 1 Gig stick I ended up buying two 512 sticks. It cost me more, but I got free shipping so I guess I can't complain too terribly much. Doesn't mean I'm not going to try though. SMILE!So, after I ordered the memory, my computer started to do really weird things. I've got a big presentation coming up next week, (and in fact will be gone from Wednesday through Friday), on OCR solutions. I'll be covering OpenBook and SARA, K1000 and the K-NFB Reader. (No, I don't get to go to CSUN but I'm thinking that I just might have to save up for that next year.) I figured that one feature that would be really neat to demonstrate is the ability that K1000 V11 has to recognize a form and allow someone to fill it out. It's a great concept, right? Right. Unfortunately, it's not so good in practice. Well, I can't blame the program, but I will blame my computer. It's kind of weird. I was able to recognize the form and work with it, but every time I tried to bring up one particular area the program crashed. Not only did it crash, but it crashed hard. The program acted like it was closing, when in reality it was just kind of sitting there. It wasn't visible on the screen other than this really small little blob but it wasn't in the alt-tab order or anything. I ended up getting rid of it with the Windows Task Manager. But, this happened every time I'd open this document. Not exactly a good thing when trying to prepare for a presentation. Again, I don't blame K1000 for this one, although I just recently found out that I may have actually discovered a known bug that should be fixed sometime this week. We'll see. In the mean time, tomorrow I've got a different form that I'm going to try to work with. Tax forms aren't very exciting anyway, right? SMILE!So tonight was the main menu presentation that I wrote about previously. I've been hearing a lot about the Icon, and it really sounds like a really neat gadget. I can't wait to see one this summer, but then I'm really going to want one. I actually have this terrible habit of wanting all the cool new stuff. But, I still really want the Book Port, and even if it doesn't actually come out by the time of Convention, I'll be getting it when it does become available. It seems like many companies give some pretty nice discounts on products during the conventions, so it'd be really nice if I could get it cheaper or something. At any rate, it definitely sounds like it'll be interesting. I just wish people would listen though! There were a couple of questions that were asked about two or three times during the night.Anyway, it's past my bedtime, and I've got another day of, um, what? tomorrow. So I think I'm going to go post this and then call it a night. I've recently decided to read all 28 books in the Lillian Jackson Braun Cat Who series in order from start to finish. I've read most of them before, but I'm going to start completely over this time. I'm on book 2. I absolutely love these books! I'm not normally into mysteries, but you can't beat Coco and Yum Yum. SMILE! Later guys!Oh, and one more thing. [ profile] johnmill79 if my computer problems are in answer to your computer survey of a couple of weeks ago I'm going to come find you. GRIN! And no, you're not the reason for my MSN sign-in name. SMILE!


Mar. 9th, 2007 08:09 pm
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Okay, so it's been a while since I've posted. I've actually got an entry that I'm working on, but it's not ready to be posted yet so I'll do something a little bit more general. There's a lot of stuff that I've been wanting to write about, but as usual, I'm probably not going to remember it all. SMILE! But, I've got potatoes in the masher, so since I've got time, here I am to at least try.

It's been a rather interesting week overall. Not terribly busy, just different. I've had time to relax, a little anyway, and to do some maintenance things with my journal. For anyone who's not reading me on their friends page, you'll notice the new look and feel. Hopefully it's not too confusing, but I really like the way it's working right now.

The push for spring is definitely starting to get strong. This has been a really cold March so far, (Not that we're all that far into it but still), and this weekend it's finally supposed to start warming up at least into the 50s, so I'm really looking forward to that. I know, those of you who have nice weather are probably laughing at me right now, but I don't care. SMILE!

Thanks to [ profile] imafarmgirl I placed my first order on Pet Food Direct and the stuff should arrive on Monday. I can't find big bags of the Iams with Hairball control that we use for Taz and Cally, and we were having to constantly get more food. I found a nice big 20-pound bag and some new toys since we have this really bad habit of crunching all their favorite balls under our feet. So Monday will be a nice day for the kitties.

Back in January when I went to Florida, I was looking for something interesting to buy as a souvenir. What I found wasn't exactly a Florida thing, but it was definitely something that I've found useful and extremely beneficial. At the Orlando air port one of the many shops they have sells Crocs. Crocs are, for anyone who doesn't know, the most amazing shoe ever created. Okay, so that's strictly my opinion, but apparently it's shared by hundreds of people around the world according to the testimonials on the web site. Visually they're apparently not the most wonderful looking in the world, but I bet you'll never find a more comfortable shoe out there. They're made out of what almost feels like rubber, but it's not. The last time I went in to see my doctor I mentioned the pain that I've been having in the heel and arch of my left foot. They said that it was most likely plantar fasciitis and told me to purchase heel pads and/or arch supports for my shoes. After using these for a while I discovered that this stuff is really pretty pointless, and actually made things worse in some cases. I kept buying new shoes hoping that I'd eventually find something that was cushiony enough to make me feel better, but after a couple of weeks that didn't work either. So, this brings me up to the present. I purchased the Crocs and put them on in the air port because I figured they'd be easier to slip on and off while going through security. There are many different styles of Crocs, but the main idea is fairly standard in each style I think. It's a shoe that has a strap that can either go back behind the foot or be flipped up on top out of the way. Some of them have an open toe, some are closed. My pair has a closed toe. So, I put them on and we started walking toward the gate. The first thing I noticed was that they were extremely comfortable even though they don't look like they'd be all that comfortable. Then I noticed that the constant pain that I had while walking wasn't there. It was literally completely gone. I don't get it, especially given the design of the shoe, but it's true. For the first time in months I was able to walk faster and without feeling like I wanted to rip off my feet. It was great! The problem was, I was leaving warm weather and going back to snow and cold. I dealt with it though, and for the entire trip my feet felt great.

I've been wearing them pretty much non-stop for the last several weeks and, unlike previous experiences, these shoes are continuing to amaze me. I can definitely feel the pain when I walk around without them, and last week I put on tennis shoes for a couple of hours and could definitely tell the difference. I can walk a lot more now and I was surprised today that I was actually able to run up and down stairs today without my feet calling me all kinds of really nasty names. Last week I went up to the web site to purchase a second pair and was surprised to see a kind that said they were specifically designed for people with Plantar Fasciitis. I purchased them and they came tonight. They seem a bit firmer than my original pair, but just as comfortable. And, even though they're still a closed toe, they have some ventilation holes that help them breathe. I got them in black, and I intend to wear them for work if I can possibly get away with it.

See, I knew this would happen. I can't think of the other stuff I was going to write about. I guess I can just post this entry and keep working on the other one that I've been working on. It's one of my topic entries, but I'm hoping that this one will be interesting to people, especially since it was kind of inspired by one of you. So, I guess this is it for now and I'll post again later when I remember what else I was going to talk about.
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Well, I'm still here. Things have been absolutely crazy this week but I wanted to take a little time to post an update. I'll go back later and give a more detailed description of my week, but for now I have two things that I wanted to write about.

First, yesterday morning I electronically filed both my federal and state taxes!!!!! YAY ME!!!!!!!! I've got money coming back, and it is going to be direct deposited into my savings account that is currently holding the money that will be used for the ACB Convention this summer. This is the third year I've done my own taxes using Tax Act Online and it's great. I don't have anything really complicated to worry about, so all I have to do is answer questions and the forms are filled in for me. It really can't get much simpler than that.

Now for my other piece of news. On Wednesday I went out to see a client who was being trained on Freedom Box. This is the same guy that we had to keep cancelling week after week because I couldn't get transportation. Anyway, I finally got to go back out to see him for his second appointment and he had a really cool surprise for me. The first time I went out there he was telling me about a new kitchen gadget that he and his wife had gotten, and I was extremely interested in it. So, when I got there on Wednesday, he asked me if I'd gotten one yet. I told him that I hadn't, and he handed me a box. Inside was an electric potato masher! This thing is way too cool! You peel and cut the potatoes, fill the bottom with water, put the potato pieces in the steamer basket, set the timer, and wait. It steams the potatoes and then automatically mashes them. Then, you can add the milk, butter, and whatever else, and it'll mix that all in. I tried it last night and the potatoes came out like ones that you'd get from a restaurant! They were really good! I personally like my mashed potatoes with the skins still on them, and there's a restaurant somewhere, (I can't remember which one it is), that does that. I kept the skins on these potatoes and the mashing process even handled that perfectly. I'm all about the kitchen gadgets, but this one is amazing. It came with a recipe book about an inch thick, and it's got tons of different recipe ideas. One other one that looks really interesting to me is the one for home-made applesauce. I'm seeing the possibilities here. SMILE! Originally I had a link to this product, but was asked to remove it. Sorry guys, I can't provide more information.

This afternoon I'm going out of town for an over-night meeting. The problem is, they're predicting a nice storm that could potentially become a blizzard. So, although I'm only supposed to be gone for one night, it may end up being two. I actually hope it is two. It's kind of a chance to have a little mini vacation, and as sick as this may sound, I kind of like hotels. SMILE! I'll have my laptop, so I intend to write more about my week tonight or tomorrow. Those of you on my MSN list are all ready aware that Tuesday was most definitely not a good day, so I'll be telling everyone exactly why that was. More later.
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Wow! What a week! It actually seems to have gone really fast though, and tomorrow's Friday all ready! Things are really picking up for me, and next week is going to be nuts. I spent most of Monday morning creating a form that's going to be going on our web site. Microsoft Word forms DO NOT convert to HTML, just in case anyone wondered. So, I coded pretty much everything manually, with a little bit of help from Arachnophilia, which inserts a lot of the tags for me so all I have to do is fill in the information. Unfortunately, I can't use the latest version because it's inaccessible, so I'm using an older version that seems to be a bit on the out-dated side, so not all the form tags are set quite right, and I've still had to do a lot of stuff manually. The sad thing is, I kind of like this work. It sort of helps to make the time go by fast. The biggest problem this week though has been that they're starting some construction really close to my window, and the debris is being dumped even closer to the window. So, it gets so noisy that I can't hear my computer or talk on my phone, which sort of makes me a little less productive.

Monday afternoon I was out reinstalling software and configuring a computer after a virus got through and caused this person to have to do a reformat. Good job, AVG nice to know you aren't catching all viruses. SMILE!

Tuesday I was supposed to go on a road trip. Snow, slippery roads, and just plain nastiness stopped that from happening so I stayed around here doing stuff, oh yeah, it was an evaluation intake form and some other stuff. That night I went to Crawdaddy's which is a place where they have really super good Cajun-type food. I'm not into seafood in the least though, so I avoided that like the plague, but I ended up getting some really great stuffed mushrooms that were stuffed with spicy sausage, (I can't remember what it was called), and those were absolutely fantabulous. My main course was pepper bacon-wrapped Pork Tenderloin. It was thick, juicy, and extremely flavorful. It came with garlic mashed potatoes, and carrots. I normally don't like carrots, but as carrots go, these were actually kind of good. I didn't eat most of them, but I did have a couple. I also got to have several of their fried potatoes, which were basically thick slices of potatoes very well seasoned. It was all great. I've had a taste for spice lately, and whenever I have the opportunity to get something that claims to be Cajun 99 percent of the time I'll try it to see if it truly is spicy enough. And, most of the time there's absolutely no kick to it at all. I like spice, but it has to still have flavor, or else it's just not worth my time.

Yesterday I was preparing for a couple of presentations. Things got so noisy though that I ended up saving everything to a thumb drive, grabbing my laptop, and heading into another part of the building to work. I let people who needed to know that I wouldn't be able to answer my phone, and told them they could get me on my cell. Then I was out of here.

Today I worked with a high school student on using JAWS on the Internet. I got to spend three hours working with him, and I'd like to think that it went well. They want me to come back for one more half day, so I think that's a good sign, huh? Tomorrow I'm on the road again doing a K-NFB Reader demo, and then most likely when I get back from that I'll be finishing up the web form.

Monday and Tuesday of next week are going to be long, and it'll be interesting to see how things go. I might be extremely bored too, but who knows. A couple of weeks ago I did an on-site evaluation for a guy who's been trying to find a job for a long time. He got the job, and starts Monday. I'll be going there for two days, both to install software and to be around when he starts training on the software since I had to do some work to get it to be useable. It should be interesting. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I've got appointments that will take me all over the place. Friday I'm going out of town for a retreat as part of the Wisconsin Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired. So things are going to be crazy!

Anyway, I'm sitting here now eating a pizza pretzel, and thinking that it'd be really nice to go curl up in bed where it's warm. So, I'm out of here for now! Later gators!
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I had to post a quick entry! I just got off the phone with someone at Freedom Scientific. I called to see if A, my PAC Mate had made it to Florida, and B, how it was doing. I found out that it had arrived on Monday. It is currently in the process of going through some final diagnostic tests, and will most likely be ready to ship back by tomorrow or Friday. I asked, just because I was curious, if there were any repair notes. Apparently, my poor baby had a pretty major overhall. They had to replace the keyboard and the keyboard connector, and the speaker, (which was sounding pretty crappy and I wasn't sure why). They did some work on my compact flash slots, and some internal stuff that I won't really notice accept that apparently one of the things they do has something to do with extending the battery life. I all ready get great battery life on my unit, so I can't wait to see what this change wil mean. The best news though is that this repair still falls within what they consider to be flat-rate stuff, so there's no extra charge for all this stuff to be fixed, other than what I was expecting to have to pay. So, hopefully by next Tuesday or Wednesday I'll have my unit back! I'm still not used to the BX keyboard, even though some users swear by them.

anyway, just had to let everyone know the status. Later.
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Yes, two days of this week are behind me, and tomorrow, since I'll be in the office all day, the time is going to go by really fast. In the morning we're going to have our traditional staff meeting where we talk about the clients that have open purchase orders and things so that we know where everybody is. Plans for the afternoon may have changed a little. I'm either going to do Magic, or else I'll be talking to a couple of people about the Focus, (my absolute favorite braille display of all time), and a couple of other products. Personally I hope it's the multiple products. I could go on forever about some of this stuff. SMILE! I am SUCH A NERD!!!!!!

Thursday is going to be kind of interesting. In the morning I have to set up and configure a desktop system for someone. This means that I need to figure out exactly where I'm going to put the thing since I am completely out of long Ethernet cables, and can't string something from the router into my office. Laptops are easy since they pretty much all have wireless these days. So, I'll be setting that up in the morning on Thursday and I think this particular client is getting Window-eyes. Once that's done I get to go see one of my repeat offenders. SMILE! I've worked with this guy on and off for about two years, and lately I've been putting him at the end of the day because I know that he's one that I won't want to strangle while we're working, and he's a great way to end a long day.

Friday is going to be absolutely nuts! In the morning I've got to go deliver the computer and start training the person on how to use it. It's supposed to be from 9:00 AM until 12:30. Then I have to try to get a cab and go across town to work with another guy. The good thing about this guy is that if I'm late he's not going to be upset with me. I hate being late for these appointments though, but sometimes it's unavoidable, especially when I'm relying on public transportation. The big question for Friday though is, where exactly am I going to fit in lunch; and, what am I going to be able to eat on the go? I've had too much lunch meat in my life so cold sandwiches just don't really do much for me. SMILE! I wonder if they make things that will heat up automatically when you breathe on them. And no, I'm not referring to ice cream. SMILE!

So, my week may have started off slow, but it's definitely going to pick up. Today actually went pretty fast. I finished sending out my mass email, and if I have to write "Important Information About JAWS and Windows Vista" one more time I'm going to scream. Oh wait, I just did write it again. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! It became so repetitive after a while. I had an Excel spreadsheet with about 450 names and email addresses, and I had to take between ten and fifteen addresses at a time and send out the emails. But, since I was copying the addresses to the clipboard, I couldn't keep the body of the message there, so I had to go from program to program to get the information I needed. I was absolutely thrilled when I got that done! I still haven't gotten in touch with the person that I need to talk with for the second evaluation, and I guess that's probably not going to happen since the evaluation is supposed to be on Thursday. GRRRR!!!! Oh well, what can I do?

Tonight on American Idol they let a sixteen-year-old girl from Texas through. For some reason, I always find myself cheering for the younger contestants there. I think it's so cool when the younger people get on, and I always want them to do well. Kelly Pickler from last year is still one of my favorites, and I heard a song of hers not too long ago on Sirius Channel 61. I supported her up until the end, and I'm glad that she still is doing something with music. Anyway, this girl they let through is kind of the opposite of Kelly. She lives in a small town, but she's completely into the big city stuff. I really thought she sounded good, so I hope she goes far.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. I want to have a chance to read for a while before I go to bed. Oh, I packed up my PAC Mate this evening to get it ready to go out via UPS tomorrow. At least I've still got my braille display though, and I snapped that onto the BX that I have, so that much is good. Hopefully the turn-around time won't be too bad, and I'll have it back sooner rather than later. So, I'll catch everyone tomorrow or whatever. Bye for now!
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Yes, I really am still here. I'm really glad that today's Friday though. I got home Wednesday afternoon and had no problems with planes and transportation this time around. But it was like once I got home my brain just sort of shut down. I spent the rest of the day on Wednesday reading through some emails and then I watched Sunday's Seventh heaven episode before American Idol came on for Wednesday. After that I was pretty much ready for bed.

Yesterday I was absolutely dead. I got up at my normal time and ended up going back to bed for a little while. At about 9:30 I realized that I should probably get up and turn my phone on so that I could actually get some work done. It ended up pretty much being one thing after another yesterday, and I finally finished at about 6:00. I had McDonalds for supper since I had absolutely no ambition or ideas for food, watched Tuesday's American Idol from tape, and crashed at about 9:30. Today I've got three appointments. Two are over the phone though, so I won't have to travel until this afternoon, but I think it's going to be another crazy day. At least I'll have the weekend to try to recover and get back to normal. I still don't feel the greatest and that's not helping things much.

I think tomorrow morning I'm going to curl up in bed with the cats and my portable DVD player and finally check out Harry Potter. I've given up trying to play DVD's on the laptop for the time being, I don't want to sit in here and play the movie on my desktop computer, so my options are either my recliner with the remote or my bed with the portable player. We'll see when the time comes. I've also got a weeks worth of The Young and the Restless to catch up on so that'll be happening sometime this weekend as well. Just a chance to relax and do what I want for a couple of days will be great! And, next week I start off with road trips two days in a row, so it'll help me prepare for those things coming up.

Well, I really don't have any other exciting things to say so I think I'm going to go read for a while and take a little time to mellow while I still can. Later everyone.

My Day

Jan. 22nd, 2007 09:10 pm
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I'm thinking that it's about time to go to bed, but before I do I wanted to post another update. I didn’t transcribe my voice post from earlier, so I thought I’d sort of summarize that in this entry and then let you know about other stuff. The Internet access is free here, which is great, but it’s also really super slow, so if I type something online it’s only picking up about every other letter. I’m writing this entry in Word now and I’ll copy and paste it into LJ when I’m done.

The snow that pretty much brought air traffic to a complete stop ended up being about 5 inches. This really isn’t much for us, but for whatever reason it caused major delays. My 1:45 plane took off at 3:45, and then when we got to Chicago at 4:15 we ended up sitting on the plane for two hours before we even got to go to a gate. We missed our connecting flight from Chicago to Florida, but fortunately there was a later flight. This one was supposed to leave at 7:55 but it was delayed until 8:13. We pretty much boarded on time, but I don’t think we took off until about 8:45. We landed in Florida a little after midnight, took a train to the main terminal and then had to wait for our luggage. Once we got that we were waiting for a shuttle but we ended up being in the wrong spot and had to figure out where we were supposed to be waiting. Once we found the shuttle and got on, it seemed like everyone else in the air port also wanted that same shuttle. It was going to stop at tons of different hotels, and we really didn’t want to be up any longer than we had to be so we got a cab and that got us to the hotel at about 1:45, shortly before my 2:00 post.

I took one look at the bed I was supposed to sleep in and pretty much decided that it was terrible. It was really hard, and I like and need something more on the soft side. I was about to lie down though when I discovered the coolest thing. Apparently, all the beds in this hotel are Select Comfort Sleep Number beds. I was extremely happy about this little fact, set my bed to something very soft and fell asleep quite quickly and easily.

After 4 and a half hours of sleep I got up to start my day again. The pillows here are feather, and I’m allergic to them. I’ve all ready called the desk twice to ask them for different pillows and they keep telling me that they’ll bring some up but I still don’t have new pillows. Oh well, if they can’t give me pillows I can use I’m going to use their decorative pillows since they’re normal. Normally I bring my own so that there’s no problem, but I brought a small suitcase and there was no room for the pillow. I was in meetings from 8:30 until 6:00, and then we had a banquet at 7:00. I’ve been here ever since trying to catch up on my Friends page and things. Things are just moving so slow though. Oh well, I guess that’s what you get with free wireless. SMILE!

I felt really good this morning despite the lack of sleep, but I started getting really tired later in the day and I’m still not feeling the greatest anyway. I’m taking meds, but the only ones that seem to be doing anything for me are the nighttime ones, and I obviously wasn’t going to take those during the day. As the day went on I started feeling pretty crappy again, so I’m looking forward to taking my dose tonight and getting another good night’s sleep.

It’s really humid here but I went outside a couple of times today just to enjoy the warmth. Tomorrow we’ll be changing hotels in the evening since the meetings are done and we need to get closer to the air port, so this may very well be my last entry until I get back home unless they have free Internet in the new hotel. I don’t have any special plans for tomorrow night though, so who knows.

I had planned to watch my Harry Potter movie tonight, but unfortunately things just aren’t going well in that department. For some reason, DVDs on this laptop sound absolutely terrible. They sound really jumpy and strange. I decreased my audio acceleration rate, but who knows, maybe I need to drop it even more. So, I guess I have to wait until I get back home to watch that. I’ve all ready been told that when we get home Wednesday morning I don’t have to work the rest of the day so I’m definitely going to take advantage of that one. SMILE!

Anyway, I think that’s about it for now. I want to take those meds and crawl into bed. My right leg is really stiff for some reason, almost as if I pulled a muscle, and my ribs hurt really bad from coughing, so I just want to crawl into my little hole and sleep. Hopefully I’ll be able to write more tomorrow. Later.
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Hey everyone. Well, today's the day. I'm leaving 20 degrees in exchange for um, whatever it is in Florida right now. The thing that really sucks is that I caught something. I had a sore throat on Friday, and yesterday my throat still hurt and I also felt like I was starting to get stuffed up. I woke up at 3:00 AM and couldn't get back to sleep, but I had a meeting to go to. I'd been going back and forth on whether I was even going to go, but I'd decided to go. The way I felt yesterday morning almost changed my mind though. I did end up going, but throughout the day I started to feel worse and worse. In the afternoon I had to get up at least two or three times to go to the bathroom to blow my nose because I didn't want to share my nasty germs with anyone else. By the time I got back home I was absolutely wiped out, and pretty much went to bed right away. I made myself pack most of my stuff first though, and told myself that bed would be my reward for packing. I caught up on the rest of my soap, and watched Tuesdays American Idol where at least two people from Wisconsin are actually going to Hollywood! I got up to get some liquid because I started to get a low-grade temperature, and that was the last thing I needed. I'd been drinking water all throughout the meeting but once I got home the fluids pretty much stopped because I wasn't thirsty, but I knew I had to keep taking something in. At one point I got up to go get a new video tape and noticed the really pretty blue screen of death on my computer. I restarted that and left it alone. That's probably why I didn't see your message Pawpower, sorry about that. SMILE!!! This morning the sore throat seems to be gone, but I'm really stuffed up now and I seem to have picked up a cough. I've been so good this season about not getting sick, and now, the one time I don't need it, I've got it. It's been a few years since my last major bout with bronchitis, and I'm definitely going to be watching that. At least I feel more awake this morning, and I've taken both Vitamin C and a daytime cold pill, so hopefully it'll work as advertised and help knock this thing out.

I just realized that I should have gotten some gum. Normally when I fly I do all right, but my right ear has been bugging me because of this thing, and going up and down in the plane could be a really fun experience.

Tonight we're supposed to have this mixer thing where we all get together and talk, drink, and eat snacks. However, our plane is due in at around 6:00 PM, and we're probably going to want regular food. So, at this point I'm not sure if I'm going to go to the mixer. My plan at this point, unless I hear something different, is this. Eat supper, go to my room, set up my laptop, (reminder to self: check laptop to see if it has DVD playing software installed), and put in my new copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban that I got from a totally awesome person yesterday. Florida is an hour ahead of me, so I have to deal with the time change thing too. It'll be fine tonight, but not so fine tomorrow morning when I have to get up early. SMILE!

Well anyway, I suppose I should go for now. I still need to pack a few things, but I made myself a list of things I hadn't packed last night, so hopefully I won't forget anything. Oh yeah, and then there's the things that I need to remember not to pack like the pocket knife I carry around with me in my purse for opening packages and things while onsite with clients. Somehow I don't think the air port security people would let me keep that one. So, later everyone, and if all goes well I'll post from my hotel room tonight.
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No, I'm really not talking about myself here. SMILE! I just wanted to write because the other night I was talking about something that I wanted to bring up and needed to wait. Well, the reason I needed to wait was because I was going to see if anyone wanted to buy a laptop. However, I already sold it, so I don't need to do that. And, I'm writing this from my new laptop! So far this is one sweet machine! I don't have much on it yet, but I wanted to give it a test run and it's performing very well. So, if you were looking for a laptop, sorry. SMILE!

The restaurant tonight was great. But as I wrote that I remembered that I'd written about that in a protected entry, so some people reading this didn't know I was going to a restaurant. We went to Golden Corral, which I just realized must be a chain. They had the best bacon-wrapped chicken tonight! I don't think I've ever had better chicken on a buffet!

It's 16 degrees outside right now, and I am extremely glad to be in here where it's warm. I checked the temperature for Florida again today and it was at 80 degrees. Unfortunately, it's as if Florida knows that I'm coming. On sunday when I fly down it's only supposed to be in the mid 60s. Me and my luck. SMILE! Oh well, it'll still be better than 16 degrees, right?

Well, I said that this was going to be short and it is. I've got a couple of things I want to do before going to bed and I've got a road trip tomorrow, so I'm going to go for now. Later.
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Well, I was sort of putting off updating because I was waiting for some information, but since I still haven't gotten it I'll just post anyway. I know, it's after 10:00 and I normally am in bed by now, but we're starting to get some of that nasty snow, and Jim's stuck at a friend's house waiting on a cab to get home, so I'm kind of staying awake until I at least know that he's gotten his ride. He's been waiting for over an hour.

One week from today I'll be in Florida! Given this sudden weather change, I think the timing couldn't possibly be better. yes, it's only a couple of days, but it's still a change from ice, cold, and snow. I even hate writing that word here. It's one of those 4-letter S words that I absolutely hate to say. SMILE!

Yesterday I had planned to go shopping in the morning for new clothes. Unfortunately, (or maybe it was fortunate, I still don't know), I kind of got really involved in a Sudoku game and couldn't put it down. So, I didn't get out of here until the afternoon. The entire day just flew by, and I couldn't believe how fast it went. I ended up going to Kohls which is kind of like a really upscale Wal-Mart. I had great cab service on the way there, and I got some great help in the store itself. I picked up some new clothes for work, so now I guess I'm going to have to wear them. SMILE! I still refuse to wear skirts, so everything I got I can wear with nice pants. Skirts and dresses are most definitely not me.

Today I finally found a book to read on Overdrive and since I only get 7 days for each book I check out, I've pretty much spent the day reading that. I picked True Believer by Nicholas Sparks. This is the same guy who wrote The Notebook, which I started reading and have never gotten around to finishing. But, I've heard that everything he writes is good, so I thought I'd give it a try. I got caught up in the book from the first paragraph, and it's been a good read. it really helps that the guy narrating has a decent voice. I know it probably sounds crazy, but if I don't like the narrator of a book, I can't read the book, and I don't care how good a book it is. I can't listen to books at twice their normal speed like some people, so the narrator is important to me. There's a sequel to True Believer called At First Sight, and I think I'm going to have to go and put a reserve on the book.

Speaking of putting a reserve on the books, here's a really weird thing. The books are downloadable from the Internet. So, you'd think that it wouldn't matter how many people had the book at the same time, especially since they're set to time out after a week anyway. So why then, do they only allow one or two people to download the book at any one time? It makes absolutely no sense to me. I guess that's why I'm not working in a library. SMILE!

Well, I have more to write about, but A, I'm getting tired, and B, I'd really like to wait until tomorrow to write about my next thing. So, I guess that's it for tonight.
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I'm waiting for it to be time when I can start making phone calls. (I've got an evaluation to try to get done today), and I don't like to call people too early since it sort of has the effect of making me into the evil witch of the morning. So, while I wait for it to get a little later, I thought I'd post. Things are really super slow anyway because nobody wants anything between Christmas and New Year's, so I'm trying to come up with things I can do to pass the time.

When I read my Friend's page this morning I saw that three people are either feeling sick or having some kind of breathing-related issue. I hope you all feel better, and I am extremely relieved that a virus can't be passed around through LJ because it'd be my luck that I'd get it. I've done really well this season, and I just hope that my luck holds out for a while. After New Year's I suppose I can get sick if I have to, but I'd still rather not.

I had a lazy weekend. I made the pork tenderloin that I wrote about. I mixed garlic powder and seasoning salt together and rubbed it all over the meat. I wrapped it in foil and let it sit in the fridge for a day before putting it in the oven. I lost my meat thermometer, (who knows where it ended up), so I was lucky enough to be able to borrow someone else's so that I wouldn't overcook this stuff. I guess it's pretty easy to do, and I didn't want charbroiled dried meat for Christmas. It came out great though, and I was really happy about that. We really didn't have any presents to open. Jim and I are really bad when it comes to waiting for the day, so we've been giving each other our presents all month. I got the Resco recorder program for my PAC Mate, (or I will have it once I register my demo copy), and a headset that was supposed to be for the PAC mate with a built-in microphone, but I think I'm going to have to use it with something else since I'm not overly happy with the performance of it on the PM, simply because the PM only has a mono mic jack. I need to find my other mic that I had for my PlexTalk since I think that was mono, and a really good mic. I also need to look for something to use with my digital recorder. Yes, it has a built-in mic, but it'd be nice to have an external for those times when I want to have the recorder in my jacket pocket or something. I'll come up with something I'm sure.

My birthday was uneventful, (write me privately if you want details), and passed pretty much like any other day. It wasn't the special day I had been hoping for, except that Jim brought me a bottle of vanilla bubble bath and a vanilla candle that I lit a couple of hours before taking my bath so that the smell would have time to penetrate. That was pretty much the extent of it though.

New Year's Eve is going to be my party, and a way to bring in the new year. I'm still looking forward to that. I just hope that once things are over I'll be able to return any unopened party decorations and things. Some people haven't given us an answer as to whether they're coming or not, and it makes it really hard to plan when people don't get back to me. It's one of those frustrating things I guess.

Well, I think I should probably post this now and try calling this guy again. It's late enough now that I think I can call. Happy New Year everyone!


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