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It appears that I can't send emails for posting to LJ at the moment, which is why this is late today. I've tried twice so far with no luck. Hopefully this will work.

8/10 this morning. I could have had 9, but I kept waffling on one answer and ended up going with the wrong one. Oh well, somehow I suspect the question will come up again at some point. Here are today's questions.
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Sorry I forgot to post yesterday's trivia questions, but it looks as though a lot of you got it regardless. Watch out, some of today's questions are a little deceptive.
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Okay, I've been bad. This is [ profile] masterofmusings here, posting at Caroline's request. The trivia did come out this morning, as it was supposed to, but I forgot to post it. For the record, though, I got ---- out of ten. What will you get? Will you beat my score? Will Caroline? Find out, as here are the questions.
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With Caroline having to take an early bus trip back home, she asked me to post today's trivia. So here are today's questions.
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Well, for my birthday, I wanted to get a decent trivia score. I can live with 8/10, although it might make it possible for [ profile] masterofmusings to beat me when he gets back home tomorrow. Only time will tell though. I'm heading home in a few minutes, and then I'll be back to normal posting, even from Canada next week. I hope everyone had a great day yesterday doing whatever it is that you do. And, before I forget, here are the questions.
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Well, I didn't realize that I'd be staying in a hotel, and the fact that the hotel just happens to have wireless is definitely a great bonus. 7/10 this morning, but I'm not exactly operating on both brain cells this morning either. But, here are today's questions after all.
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Caroline asked me to post today's trivia on her behalf. So here are today's questions.
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Greetings, world at large, this is your friendly-neighborhood [ profile] masterofmusings here. Caroline is now in Fargo, and she will be moving into her new apartment today. Because she still doesn't have her Internet set up yet, she asked me to post the Trivia again. For the record, I got eight out of ten, so that better be good enough to beat her. Enjoy the questions, which can be found here.
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Hi everyone. This is [ profile] masterofmusing here with today's trivia. I haven't looked at these yet, but it is my fullest intention to severely surpass [ profile] kittytech, who is on the road today to her new home. So click here for today's questions.
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7 out of 10 this morning. Obviously I made some pretty pathetic mistakes. BLEH!!!! Here are today's questions
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I'm not going to be going to Bruce's today, so I'm posting again without actually doing these. I didn't want to miss a day. So, here are today's questions. And now, off to the grocery store to get some stuff. Later!
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Over the weekend [ profile] masterofmusings and I were looking for something new to do. So, we both signed up for Fun Trivia and took a couple of shots at some points. I signed up for their daily trivia game by email as well. The email permits me to post links to the questions, and this gives my readers the opportunity to play as a part of my team. So, here are today's trivia questions. Have fun, and hope somebody does better than me.


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