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Well, after several months, I've finally put up a new podcast. If you were subscribed to this before, you may have to subscribe again in order to see the new entry since I switched to a different host. The subscription is still the same, but you can easily get there by clicking here.

This podcast discusses using Goldwave, an excellent yet inexpensive audio editor, to convert multiple audio files from one format to another. The direct link for this episode is here. Enjoy!!!!
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Hi everyone. Well, for those who are interested, and who are unable to directly subscribe using Internet Explorer 7 or your podcatcher of choice, you can download my my new entry.
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Well, it's over, and my podcast now has a name. The name that won out over all the ones that were suggested was "Online with Caroline". I want to thank everyone one more time for helping me to name this podcast, and there will be an entry posted soon!
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Time is almost up on my podcast survey. If you've been meaning to vote but haven't yet, now's your chance. I plan to take down the survey this evening and announce the winning title. As of right now, there is a clear winner, but I want to give people as much time as possible to vote. Thanks to those of you who already voted! I received many responses and am really excited about getting this off the ground.
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Hey everyone. Well, I didn't get a ton of responses to yesterday's poll, but the responses I did get were all positive. So, I decided to go ahead and start the podcast. You can access the podcast page here and see what I've got up there so far.

Secondly, I need your help. I can't come up with a name for this thing and would like feedback from people. I've created a survey on my web site and I'd really appreciate it if you could all take a couple of seconds to suggest a name. Access the survey directly from here if you'd like. >Responses are anonymous, and anyone is welcome to give me a suggestion, not just LJ users. As of right now, a name with ketchup and cream cheese is at the top of my list, so you guys gotta be creative. SMILE! Thanks in advance for the help!


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