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Jan. 22nd, 2007 09:10 pm
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I'm thinking that it's about time to go to bed, but before I do I wanted to post another update. I didn’t transcribe my voice post from earlier, so I thought I’d sort of summarize that in this entry and then let you know about other stuff. The Internet access is free here, which is great, but it’s also really super slow, so if I type something online it’s only picking up about every other letter. I’m writing this entry in Word now and I’ll copy and paste it into LJ when I’m done.

The snow that pretty much brought air traffic to a complete stop ended up being about 5 inches. This really isn’t much for us, but for whatever reason it caused major delays. My 1:45 plane took off at 3:45, and then when we got to Chicago at 4:15 we ended up sitting on the plane for two hours before we even got to go to a gate. We missed our connecting flight from Chicago to Florida, but fortunately there was a later flight. This one was supposed to leave at 7:55 but it was delayed until 8:13. We pretty much boarded on time, but I don’t think we took off until about 8:45. We landed in Florida a little after midnight, took a train to the main terminal and then had to wait for our luggage. Once we got that we were waiting for a shuttle but we ended up being in the wrong spot and had to figure out where we were supposed to be waiting. Once we found the shuttle and got on, it seemed like everyone else in the air port also wanted that same shuttle. It was going to stop at tons of different hotels, and we really didn’t want to be up any longer than we had to be so we got a cab and that got us to the hotel at about 1:45, shortly before my 2:00 post.

I took one look at the bed I was supposed to sleep in and pretty much decided that it was terrible. It was really hard, and I like and need something more on the soft side. I was about to lie down though when I discovered the coolest thing. Apparently, all the beds in this hotel are Select Comfort Sleep Number beds. I was extremely happy about this little fact, set my bed to something very soft and fell asleep quite quickly and easily.

After 4 and a half hours of sleep I got up to start my day again. The pillows here are feather, and I’m allergic to them. I’ve all ready called the desk twice to ask them for different pillows and they keep telling me that they’ll bring some up but I still don’t have new pillows. Oh well, if they can’t give me pillows I can use I’m going to use their decorative pillows since they’re normal. Normally I bring my own so that there’s no problem, but I brought a small suitcase and there was no room for the pillow. I was in meetings from 8:30 until 6:00, and then we had a banquet at 7:00. I’ve been here ever since trying to catch up on my Friends page and things. Things are just moving so slow though. Oh well, I guess that’s what you get with free wireless. SMILE!

I felt really good this morning despite the lack of sleep, but I started getting really tired later in the day and I’m still not feeling the greatest anyway. I’m taking meds, but the only ones that seem to be doing anything for me are the nighttime ones, and I obviously wasn’t going to take those during the day. As the day went on I started feeling pretty crappy again, so I’m looking forward to taking my dose tonight and getting another good night’s sleep.

It’s really humid here but I went outside a couple of times today just to enjoy the warmth. Tomorrow we’ll be changing hotels in the evening since the meetings are done and we need to get closer to the air port, so this may very well be my last entry until I get back home unless they have free Internet in the new hotel. I don’t have any special plans for tomorrow night though, so who knows.

I had planned to watch my Harry Potter movie tonight, but unfortunately things just aren’t going well in that department. For some reason, DVDs on this laptop sound absolutely terrible. They sound really jumpy and strange. I decreased my audio acceleration rate, but who knows, maybe I need to drop it even more. So, I guess I have to wait until I get back home to watch that. I’ve all ready been told that when we get home Wednesday morning I don’t have to work the rest of the day so I’m definitely going to take advantage of that one. SMILE!

Anyway, I think that’s about it for now. I want to take those meds and crawl into bed. My right leg is really stiff for some reason, almost as if I pulled a muscle, and my ribs hurt really bad from coughing, so I just want to crawl into my little hole and sleep. Hopefully I’ll be able to write more tomorrow. Later.
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Hey everyone. Well, today's the day. I'm leaving 20 degrees in exchange for um, whatever it is in Florida right now. The thing that really sucks is that I caught something. I had a sore throat on Friday, and yesterday my throat still hurt and I also felt like I was starting to get stuffed up. I woke up at 3:00 AM and couldn't get back to sleep, but I had a meeting to go to. I'd been going back and forth on whether I was even going to go, but I'd decided to go. The way I felt yesterday morning almost changed my mind though. I did end up going, but throughout the day I started to feel worse and worse. In the afternoon I had to get up at least two or three times to go to the bathroom to blow my nose because I didn't want to share my nasty germs with anyone else. By the time I got back home I was absolutely wiped out, and pretty much went to bed right away. I made myself pack most of my stuff first though, and told myself that bed would be my reward for packing. I caught up on the rest of my soap, and watched Tuesdays American Idol where at least two people from Wisconsin are actually going to Hollywood! I got up to get some liquid because I started to get a low-grade temperature, and that was the last thing I needed. I'd been drinking water all throughout the meeting but once I got home the fluids pretty much stopped because I wasn't thirsty, but I knew I had to keep taking something in. At one point I got up to go get a new video tape and noticed the really pretty blue screen of death on my computer. I restarted that and left it alone. That's probably why I didn't see your message Pawpower, sorry about that. SMILE!!! This morning the sore throat seems to be gone, but I'm really stuffed up now and I seem to have picked up a cough. I've been so good this season about not getting sick, and now, the one time I don't need it, I've got it. It's been a few years since my last major bout with bronchitis, and I'm definitely going to be watching that. At least I feel more awake this morning, and I've taken both Vitamin C and a daytime cold pill, so hopefully it'll work as advertised and help knock this thing out.

I just realized that I should have gotten some gum. Normally when I fly I do all right, but my right ear has been bugging me because of this thing, and going up and down in the plane could be a really fun experience.

Tonight we're supposed to have this mixer thing where we all get together and talk, drink, and eat snacks. However, our plane is due in at around 6:00 PM, and we're probably going to want regular food. So, at this point I'm not sure if I'm going to go to the mixer. My plan at this point, unless I hear something different, is this. Eat supper, go to my room, set up my laptop, (reminder to self: check laptop to see if it has DVD playing software installed), and put in my new copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban that I got from a totally awesome person yesterday. Florida is an hour ahead of me, so I have to deal with the time change thing too. It'll be fine tonight, but not so fine tomorrow morning when I have to get up early. SMILE!

Well anyway, I suppose I should go for now. I still need to pack a few things, but I made myself a list of things I hadn't packed last night, so hopefully I won't forget anything. Oh yeah, and then there's the things that I need to remember not to pack like the pocket knife I carry around with me in my purse for opening packages and things while onsite with clients. Somehow I don't think the air port security people would let me keep that one. So, later everyone, and if all goes well I'll post from my hotel room tonight.


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