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Well, I suppose I was actually kind of a slacker this month. I was hoping
that I'd finish my current book before midnight last night, but it just
didn't happen so I can't count it. This last week has just been a dud for
books. I've been reading, but nothing really seemed to catch my attention,
and that really hurt the monthly count. So, as of midnight, my book count is at nineteen.
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Well, here we are, finished with the first month of 2009 already. I've had too much free time, so have gotten through many books so far. Well, it's many for me, I don't know how I compare to others on my friends list. In any case, I finished my 11th book this morning. I've been keeping my list current, and I think it's going to be really neat several months down the road to look back and see what I've read as a reminder. I'm going to be going back up to visit [ profile] masterofmusings in less than two weeks, so I'll have plenty of time to read on the bus coming and going, and I'll have some time while I'm there too. So, that's where I'm at right now.


Mar. 4th, 2007 04:48 pm
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As I was sitting down today to read a book with my Book Port using the built-in synthesized speech I started to think about all of you guys who do a lot of reading. I thought it'd be interesting to find out how you all read your books, and what methods you prefer. The last question is just something I slipped in because I'm curious. So, here goes.

[Poll #939903]
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It's almost 5:00 PM and I've shut my phone off just a little early. It's been a long day, not overly busy, just long. I had one of my headaches that I haven't had in a while, and it was making things really difficult. I forgot to put my pain pills back in my purse after I got back from Florida, so I didn't have anything I could take while I was out. We had sun today, and it was glaring off of the snow which really made things bright, and that only made things worse since I'm all ready light-sensitive. I did my K-NFB Reader presentation despite the pain, and we started driving back. On the way we decided that we were hungry so we stopped in at Noodles for lunch. I had their buttered noodles with chicken, broccoli, and mushrooms, along with one of their really soft, large Snickerdoodle cookies. I absolutely love that place but I don't get to go their often. So when I do get to go it's definitely a treat.

When I got back here I took some pain pills and attempted to do some work. It wasn't happening though. My head was hurting and I was feeling kind of nauseous. I figured it was time to go lay down. I had one of those eye masks that you can put over your eyes that are supposed to help you relax or whatever. In my case, it also blocks out all light. I stayed in bed, trying not to move, for about two hours. Cally came up and cuddled with me and did her share of purring. I got to spend a little quality time with my current book as well which was kind of nice. Finally I felt good enough to get up and finish a project that I was supposed to be working on this afternoon. It's nice to have that out of the way, and to have that head ache gone!

On the way home, we were listening to Wisconsin Public Radio. They started a program where someone reads a book over the air. The book they were reading today was Marley and Me by John somebody-or-other. They were starting Chapter ten, so I missed quite a lot, but the book sounded great. Has anyone read this all ready? I looked on Web Braille and the book doesn't exist. I checked Audible, and although the book is there, and read by the author, it's abridged, and I don't want abridged. I don't have a Bookshare account so can't check that resource. But, I WANT TO READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd try audio from my regional library, but they don't like me these days because they say that I have too many books out so they won't let me get any more. I'd like to know what these books are that I still have, but whatever. I'll find a way somehow, even if I have to go out and buy the book and scan it myself!

I now have my UPS tracking number for my PAC Mate. It's on its way home! It's too soon to get an arrival date, but I'll either have that later tonight or tomorrow morning. So, that definitely made my day.

The top 24 have been selected for American Idol now, so the public takes over from here. There's someone from Wisconsin on this year, and although it's not one of the two people they showed in the original Minneapolis audition, she's in the top 24, so I'm obviously rooting for her. Her name is Gina, and I think it's going to be interesting to see how far she goes. At this point, she seems very snobby, kind of the "I'm better than everyone else" attitude. However, I think that's going to change as time goes on. Before next Tuesday I need to go through the list of people in the top 24, watch their videos, and read their profiles so that I can make my lists again. It really helped me to have people's information in front of me while they were performing so that I could keep things straight in my mind. I also need to program the VCR because all the programs I set are finished. If I could I'd just set it to record everything, but since the dates and times are so weird it's not really possible to set up an actual schedule without putting each night in its own slot. And, I can only go three weeks in advance since that's all Zap2It will show me at one time. Oh well, it works.

My PowerPoint class went well last night. Now I need to prepare for my next session on Monday, but there really isn't much to do there since I'm going to be using my hand-out that I use in my Word class when talking about how to create outlines. We covered the first two ways to create slides, and now we're going to cover the third. Once that's done, the fun will start. Animation, sounds, colors, pictures, you name it. It'll be great!

Well, I think that's about it for now. Oh, I've all ready put my votes in for this week's LJ Idol, but it looks like [ profile] imafarmgirl and [ profile] johnmill79 are both safe this week anyway, but it's still neat to be able to follow this. I'm seriously thinking of entering next time if they offer it again. It might be kind of fun, and I haven't really done any serious for-real writing in a long time. We'll see.

Okay, so this time I'm really going to go. More later, maybe.


Jan. 30th, 2007 11:22 am
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I need to kill a little time. The person I was supposed to see has been moved to next week because my driver canceled, so I thought that instead I'd work on the web site. I'm having problems with that though because I'm getting into some areas where I really don't have a clue, and I need to do some research. I'm freezing, but don't want to turn up the heat because then it'll be too warm. This place is really difficult to heat. It's only 15 degrees outside, and if you add the wind-chill it's minus 1. So, [ profile] johnmill79, you want to move to Wisconsin? SMILE! I know I'm kind of pathetic, but I'm sitting here wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket. I need to figure out what I'm going to eat for lunch, but that would involve getting up, and at the moment that seems like too much effort. The cats had me in a really odd position last night, and I woke up with a head ache this morning. I took something for it, and it's working, but it's still at the point where if I get up, or move too fast, I get this blast of pain, so I'm trying to put off moving for as long as possible.

I'm still working on my life story. It's almost fourteen pages now in Word, but I'm getting closer to the end. I never knew I had so much to say. SMILE! Given the size, maybe I'll divide it up over a couple of entries. I think it's going to be a protected entry though because there are just some things that I don't want the entire world knowing. It's been interesting writing about things though.

I've been reading a lot of Nicholas Sparks lately. I read two that were in a series, "True Believer" and "At First Sight". I actually just finished the second one this morning. They were good books, and I'm waiting for more to become available through Overdrive. Speaking of Overdrive, when I was up there last night I accidentally ended up in the section of "always available" books. Looking down the list, I came across an author that [ profile] brucetola writes about a lot, P.G. Wodehouse. The book that was listed was Carry On, Jeeves, so I got it. I figure it's time to broaden my horizons a little and see what this guy is all about. So, I'm going to try to start that tonight. I'd love nothing more right now than to curl up in bed with a book and read, but I've got about 5 more hours before I can do that.

Well, I think I'm going to go find food. My email notification went off too, so I've probably got some messages to look at. Later everyone.
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Well, I was sort of putting off updating because I was waiting for some information, but since I still haven't gotten it I'll just post anyway. I know, it's after 10:00 and I normally am in bed by now, but we're starting to get some of that nasty snow, and Jim's stuck at a friend's house waiting on a cab to get home, so I'm kind of staying awake until I at least know that he's gotten his ride. He's been waiting for over an hour.

One week from today I'll be in Florida! Given this sudden weather change, I think the timing couldn't possibly be better. yes, it's only a couple of days, but it's still a change from ice, cold, and snow. I even hate writing that word here. It's one of those 4-letter S words that I absolutely hate to say. SMILE!

Yesterday I had planned to go shopping in the morning for new clothes. Unfortunately, (or maybe it was fortunate, I still don't know), I kind of got really involved in a Sudoku game and couldn't put it down. So, I didn't get out of here until the afternoon. The entire day just flew by, and I couldn't believe how fast it went. I ended up going to Kohls which is kind of like a really upscale Wal-Mart. I had great cab service on the way there, and I got some great help in the store itself. I picked up some new clothes for work, so now I guess I'm going to have to wear them. SMILE! I still refuse to wear skirts, so everything I got I can wear with nice pants. Skirts and dresses are most definitely not me.

Today I finally found a book to read on Overdrive and since I only get 7 days for each book I check out, I've pretty much spent the day reading that. I picked True Believer by Nicholas Sparks. This is the same guy who wrote The Notebook, which I started reading and have never gotten around to finishing. But, I've heard that everything he writes is good, so I thought I'd give it a try. I got caught up in the book from the first paragraph, and it's been a good read. it really helps that the guy narrating has a decent voice. I know it probably sounds crazy, but if I don't like the narrator of a book, I can't read the book, and I don't care how good a book it is. I can't listen to books at twice their normal speed like some people, so the narrator is important to me. There's a sequel to True Believer called At First Sight, and I think I'm going to have to go and put a reserve on the book.

Speaking of putting a reserve on the books, here's a really weird thing. The books are downloadable from the Internet. So, you'd think that it wouldn't matter how many people had the book at the same time, especially since they're set to time out after a week anyway. So why then, do they only allow one or two people to download the book at any one time? It makes absolutely no sense to me. I guess that's why I'm not working in a library. SMILE!

Well, I have more to write about, but A, I'm getting tired, and B, I'd really like to wait until tomorrow to write about my next thing. So, I guess that's it for tonight.


Jun. 13th, 2006 09:36 pm
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Well, I had intended to sit here in bed all evening and watch TV or read or something. I did the TV thing and caught up on my soap and then I figured I'd do the book thing. Unfortunately, just as I was getting comfortable I remembered that I finished the book I'd been reading on my Book Port and will need to put something new on it before I can read. So, at some point I'm going to have to get up and do that. That's one thing I can't do through a remote connection since the Book Port isn't wireless. Hey, cool idea for a future upgrade. SMILE!

I also just realized that I can get a new book from Audible again because my credit has been renewed. I know I could buy books more than once a month, but I'm kind of cheap. SMILE! And anyway, I figure that if I do this once a month I'll have more books longer.

I don't know if any of you have read any books by Janet Evanovich and I don't remember if I've even talked about her or not. Janet writes all kinds of books, but my favorite series of hers is the Stephanie Plum series. Stephanie is a bounty hunter, but she tends to get herself into a lot of trouble sometimes. Anyway, book twelve is due to be released on June 20th, and I need to decide if I want to use a credit for that or wait until I can get it from the public library. Kind of a tough decision actually because I've got a friend who will be getting the print book the day it's released and she'll be tormenting me with it. So, we'll see.

For a treat this evening, Jim bought Taz and Cally a couple of cans of wet food. They normally get hairball control dry food, but every once in a while we like to give them this. I swear that two cats becomes more like 6 when these cans are opened. Taz came running and Cally was there even before I opened the can. Of course she probably thought I was going to spill water on her or something, so she was disappointed that way. I keep telling her that that's Jim's responsibility, but she doesn't seem to get it. (Hey, any LJ users got the command for tagging another user in an entry? I haven't found it yet. I'm guessing it has something to do with "lj-user" something-or-other, but not sure. I still say that being able to post entries via email is the best invention since sliced bread.)

Anyway, I sort of got sidetracked. So Taz came running, and for ten years old that little guy can still move. I think he was sitting in the window trying to get some evening sun, but he heard that can top pull off and he was there in a matter of seconds. I'm kind of mean to these guys though. I open the can and then immediately walk away from it long enough to throw away the lid. Then I take a knife and divide the can in half because they have to share a big can, they don't get their own. I fill the two bowls and leave them on the counter while I take the empty can and knife over to the sink. I suppose I'm asking for trouble by doing this because even at three Cally still thinks the counter is her territory, but so far they haven't tried that. Then I take a dish in each hand and start making them follow me. Well, they're actually following me anyway at this point, but you get the picture. So by this time they're both meowing like crazy and trying to climb my legs. It's at this point that I realize the wisdom in declawing the front paws. SMILE! So, they got their food finally, and I haven't really seen them since. Taz was snuggling with Jim for a while, but that's about it. They probably had to go and sleep off their meal.

Well, I suppose I should post this so that I can end my remote connection. I've got several books from RFB&D that I got on CD specifically so I'd be able to use them with my Book Port. So, I'm gone for now.


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