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Twitter has a lot of good stuff, but it also has some totally pointless
and/or annoying things. Of course everyone has the right to say what they
want, and I get that. I'm also sure I post some things that others find
annoying. So, on that note, have a list of the things that I personally find
most annoying. These aren't directed at anyone in particular, and I'm not
intending to cause any offense.

1. Retweets. The occasional retweet to share something, or to endorse
a business that you want to support is okay with me. However, sending ten to
twenty retweets in a row is just spamming the Twitter timeline. If we want
to see all those tweets, most of us will already be following that account

2. Also on the topic of retweets. Twitter has developed a style of
retweets that make it so that if multiple people on your timeline are
retweeting the same thing, you only have to see it once. Unfortunately, so
many people either don't use the new style of retweeting, or want to send a
comment with everything they retweet. This clutters up the timeline.

3. Daily routine tweets. "I'm awake now." I'm going to bed now." "I'm
eating now." Once in a while, okay. But, is it necessary to tell the world
exactly what you're doing every little step of the day and every single day?

4. Auto tweets. Things like twitterscopes, weather, and virtual games
that you're playing, where you aren't actually sending out the tweet
yourself, but have a service to send out tweets on your behalf at a specific
time each day. Spam, plain and simple.

5. Ranters. The occasional rant is going to happen. Sometimes
someone's had a bad day, and they just need to vent. But, some people make
Twitter their place for constant long-winded rants. Twitter isn't a blogging
platform. Ranting is just fine, but use a service like Twitlonger if you know you've got a lot to
say, and have a lot to say very often.

6. "I'm important and you can't live without me." You know the
tweets. "I'm going current. If you had something important to say, tell me
about it." Or those who always say something like "I'm going to be away from
Twitter for a while because I have to do something." Okay, you're a great
person and all that or I probably wouldn't be following you. But, do you
think the Twitterverse is going to collapse if you go away for a couple of

And, there you have it. Six of the things that I find most annoying about
Twitter. Again, these are just my opinions, and nobody should take anything
that I've said here personally. This is just something I've been wanting to
write about for a while, and I finally did it. And now, I'm done.

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